"Love it to death ....  the boat is awesome , everything I had hoped it would be the steering and new seats went in perfectly … I love it to death ..   I had it out in 5 metre waves off east coast and it was sturdy  and already caught heaps of fish it it - the perfect 3 person tiny fishing boat."

Mission Statement

To manufacture the safest, most reliable and pleasurable adventure safety boats and to bring outstandingly seaworthy boating products to people’s lives throughout the world.

Who we are

OCEAN CRAFT have been building all aluminium inflatable-style boats, designed for diving, spearfishing and snorkelling, since March 1999. Based on the Sunshine Coast in Caloundra, Queensland, the company is currently celebrating the production of its 170th aluminium boat and its 12th Anniversary.

What we do

OCEAN CRAFT’s tight turning circle and OCEAN CRAFT’s shallow draught when planing means that you can go where even smaller hulls cannot go.

OCEAN CRAFT claims to have turned conventional naval design on its head as its vessels perform as trimarans at rest, as outriggers when turning and ULTRA DEEP VEE monohulls when planing – and yet look like and remain an inflatable boat that actually retains their pneumatic properties.

Even though the vessels are constructed of marine grade aluminium plate alloy, the OCEAN CRAFT boats retain their shock absorbing features owing to their airtight and watertight buoyancy sections. The tubes give OCEAN CRAFT vessels excellent buoyancy and stability and, are guaranteed never to sink. So certain is OCEAN CRAFT of their vessels’ stability, they offer a lifetime warranty or your money back.

The vessels’ Ultra Deep Vee, 30-degree deadrise is the deepest available on a planing monohull in the world. Coupled with its unique Posi Lift Hull, its vessels deliver a featherbed ride and get up on the plane faster than other boats, while the unique properties of its hulls mean that the user is also “guaranteed” to overtake any other boat with the same sized outboard engine.

OCEAN CRAFT’s aerodynamic bow, wave piercing and recessed, delayed lift hull means the user can tackle wind and waves head on.

The vessels are designed and built from the ground up for speed and durability and are available in 2.6 – 4.3 and 5.2m, 6m, 7.2m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 12m, and 13m lengths, in a range of configurations, for any application.

OCEAN CRAFT are the only all aluminium plate alloy boats in the world that retain the pneumatic properties of an inflatable boat.

OCEAN CRAFT’s posi lift bow and high degree of manoeuvrability means that your OCEAN CRAFT will outclass and out manoeuvre any other kind of hull, even smaller hulls, using the same sized outboard.

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