Peter Webster

Sometimes it pays to think outside the square.. serious fishos in the 4.3 – 4.5m market would be crazy not to explore the Ocean Craft from Caloundra. Our 3.4m deep vee OC was an extraordinary sportsfishing platform with features not found in craft 3.0M longer – and the seaworthiness to fish the GBR ( Great Barrier Reef).

Peter Webster Editor FISHERMAN AND BOAT OWNER May 2011 OCEAN CRAFT 3400 Car Toppa Runaway Bay QLD
Warren P
Mike have now been travelling and modifying my 3.4 Oceancraft boat for roof rack transport for two years. It’s been brilliant. I use a Rhino side loader to get it onto my roof. I have added swivel seats rod racks, and a front carry rack… … Can’t fault the ride …you are already way ahead of the field…people who enquire about the boat make the same comment. Have taken dozens for a ride.
Warren P March 2011 OCEAN CRAFT 3400 Car Toppa GELORUP WA
Thought I would let you know that we… went out on our first fishing trip from Innisfail, FNQ. The boat and its 140hp Suzuki were great. The boat is stable at rest with 500 Kilos of nosey fisherman hanging over one side, no issue. On the way home, the sea chopped up and we were able to try it out on all angles to the waves, no problem.

On the old boat, we could have been on the verge of panic. Once we realized the O/Craft wasn’t going to tip over, we relaxed and actually enjoyed ourselves. It’s been a long time since that has happened. Now the teenagers and Mum are keen to get out on the water again.

Because the boat made us all feel so good, we have named it ‘Dr Phill’… we will send you a few pictures – Dr Phill looks really good now it’s all finished…

All the ideas…like the bow ladder, work a treat Keep up the good work.

Cheers Letter Box F&B March 2010
Darrell & Colin B

Reply: “Darrell, only too happy to help. We were never too concerned about this recommendation, as you’d virtually arrived at the best choice for your specific requirements… and we know Mike Jessop’s Oceancraft very well… it’s a great rig – Ed”


Darrell & Colin B March 2010 OCEAN CRAFT 6000 Reef Fisher 6.0 m MALANDA QLD
Peter Webster

Love it to death ….  the boat is awesome , everything I had hoped it would be the steering and new seats went in perfectly … I love it to death ..   I had it out in 5 metre waves off east coast and it was sturdy  and already caught heaps of fish it it – the perfect 3 person tiny fishing boat.

Peter Webster Editor Fisherman & Boatowner March 2010
Pat H.

I have the 5.2 mtr boat, very happy with it… The boat is performing very well.


Pat H. Jan 31, 2008 OCEAN CRAFT 4300 UL Sea King MELBOURNE VIC
James A.
“Mate you should see my little ship now will send you photos. It goes like a zytec. I can steer it good now, which means lots of fun as well as a capable wave runner jumper safe little ship.” “It would be accurate to say that your boat builds are like a big V8 in the function of the hull, powerful ,smooth and bulletproof, whereby you can run it with the economy of a four.” “Unlike some overpriced dinosaurs that need a V8 to get them to the water a V8 to push em along and the overall performance of a four.” “I should know I own a very trick 3.3 Oceancraft, and let me tell you it is a most practical and functional affordable and envied small craft around my area. ” “I will send you some photos of it, it even has an outboard pod, a sink, my hammock slings between the added on roof, kick arse stereo, gun racks ”
James A. April 23, 2007 OCEAN CRAFT 5200 HD Chinook NGUNNAWAL
Dave B.

I have only a positive impression of any of your crafts……they are an exceptional craft… extremely good design and almost as good as the day I purchased it… It has shown minimal signs of aging due to the construction material… a very good recreational and fishing vessel…

Dave B. January 08, 2009 OCEAN CRAFT 3300 HD TWEED HEADS NSW